2010 Premio Arte Laguna, arsenale Venezia

Visiting the exhibition can draw several conclusions and suggestions for a new reading of the contemporary landscape.
It appears, in fact, evident in an era when globalization and the spread of the media on a large scale have led to a gradual dissolution of cultural differences remains a close connection with its country of origin and background. It is shown by works such as Red Square Olga Schigal-artist of Russian origin, but several years naturalized German-where there is an obvious imprint of a generation marked by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the progressive dissolution of the Soviet empire, or Dream of a Pillow of South Korean Kim, Hyon Soo showing clear links with the iconographic heritage of traditional culture of Korea.

One can, in this sense, to affirm that the exhibition shows, within the personal peculiarities and nuances, different macrorealtà: on the one hand, the emerging Eastern art, in many cases characterized by a cultural isolation or just wanted, you emerging in the international landscape, creating an interesting mix of cultures where we blend traditional elements that allow, as a filter, a reinterpretation of the evolution of Western art of the last fifty years, a trend that emerges on the other „Anglo-Saxon“ — This term refers to all countries or indeed the English-speaking and heavily influenced by Anglo-American culture-that revives and recovers experiences ranging from pop to minimal, to conceptual, integrating them with contemporary research highlights a vocation where hybridization of artistic media and communication languages.

Halfway between these two „camps“ there is a real dimension of the border that is represented by an art that could be called Mediterranean. In this third group includes all those artists who, while being confronted with a strong tradition of origin, like the Italians, French, Spaniards, but also the artists of northern Africa and the Near Middle East, are both strongly influenced by trends arising from research array east because the strong influence of British culture.

Dream of a Pillow„- Marionettenspiel , korean fabric ,cotton , beads, sewn ca. 6 m50 ( without fishing rope ) x 1m 20